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Wessoclean Anti Smell – Odour Elimination

Wessoclean Anti Smell effectively neutralises odours, prevents mould and the formation of new germs.

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Odour Neutraliser


WESSOCLEAN ANTI SMELL effectively neutralises bad‐smelling air, prevents mould infestation and stops rotting odours in waste and disposal systems. Frequent use prevents unpleasant smells and the formation of new germs in waste bins, organic waste bins, yellow sacks, recyclable material containers, waste trucks and compost piles. WESSOCLEAN ANTI SMELL can also be used effectively and safely in stables or in animal enclosures. WESSOCLEAN ANTI SMELL does not consist of odour covering fragrances, but of natural, completely biodegradable substances that make bad smells.


  • Agriculture
  • Stalls/Stables
  • Waste Bins
  • Composting
  • Waste Vehicles
  • Skips


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