At Michael White Pumps, we sell a large selection of high quality power washers. We know that quality is paramount and all our models are of the highest standard. When it comes to your farm, we know that hygiene is of the utmost importance. Keeping everything clean helps to avoid any contamination and keeps the overall standard well above board. Our clients use their power washers for a whole variety of things, cleaning milking parlours, sheds, machinery, the list is endless. As well as commercial models, we also stock a range of domestic power washers, for all those household tasks, cleaning the car, the patio etc. Take the hard work out of cleaning! We are more than happy to offer our advice when you are choosing a model. We only buy from the most reputable companies and you can be assured that they have all passed rigorous quality checks.

We are agents for Portotecnica & Hawk PTO power washers. All makes of power washers and spares available on request.

Hawk PTO Power Washers

Hawk PTO Washer Barrel
Frame and Reel

Hawk PTO Washer and Reel

Hawk PTO Standard Washer

Domestic Pressure Washers

Portotecnica G160x Domestic Washer

Portotecnica One DS Domestic Washer

Portotecnica One AF Domestic Washer

Commercial Pressure Washers

Portotecnica Mistral Commercial Hot Water

Portotecnica Firebox Commercial Hot Water

Honda Engine 13hp Commercial Washer