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ZDS QS4P 4” Hydraulic Parts

ZDS QS4P 4” Hydraulic Parts With Pump Head & Lower Support In Technopolymer

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Multistage centrifugal hydraulic parts designed to be used in 4” wells or larger, available in a wide range of deliveries and heads and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. They are suitable in applications for lifting, distribution, and pressurisation in civil and industrial water systems, garden irrigation systems, filling of pressure vessels and tanks, fire-fighting systems and washing systems, drainage systems, fountains supply.

  • Pump head and lower support made of special material, strong and resistant to acid water corrosion (low pH value) and ferrous water.
  • Extra mechanical resistance of the upper head is guaranteed by the double threaded stainless steel ring placed inside and outside of this component.
  • Integrated filter inside the lower support.
  • The pump impellers, diffusers, stage boxes, bushings and floating rings are made of special technopolymers, materials to improve performance, efficiency and to resist corrosion.
  • The check-valve is integrated into the upper head to allow the weight of the water column and any water hammer to be discharged without damaging the impellers and diffusers.
  • The check-valves have undergone very severe durability tests, to overcome 1.000.000 water hammers at 37 bar.
  • The stainless steel coupling shaft is oversized to resist better mechanical torque.
  • The special design of the hydraulic part allows the pump to work even in heavy sand conditions, up to maximum of 120 g/m3.
  • Thanks to its particular design, ZDS hydraulic part automatically eliminates any air contained in the submersible pump.

QS4P Special design

The internal construction of our hydraulic parts primarily consists of the following components: technopolymer (Noryl) impellers with stainless steel support rings, technopolymer (Noryl) diffusers and stage-boxes, thermoplastic bushing and floating rings. ZDS has selected this unique design in order to make the pump much more resistant to sand and equivalent abrasives. Compared to conventional designs and similar products available on the market, the ZDS hydraulic part needs less starting torque to start pumping. This is why the ZDS pump is a particularly good option when you are challenged with unstable power supply.

Pumped liquid: clean, free of solids and abrasives, non-viscous, non-aggressive, non-crystallised and chemically neutral

Outlet diameter: 1″ ¼ G-F

Maximum pump overall diameter: 98 mm (cover cable included)

Flange: Dimensions standard 4″ NEMA

Maximum quantity of suspended sand: 600 g/m³

Rated ambient temperature: max 40° C

Mounting: vertical/horizontal

Maximum delivery (Q): 6.000 l/

Maximum head (H): 150 m

Maximum immersion depth: 150 m

Allowed range of water pH: 6,4 – 8,0


Before installation, it is necessary to verify technical requirements of the given hydraulic part (thrust, power) to select the correct motor. The maximum quantity of sand allowed in the pumped water is 120g/m³.


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