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The leading solution for ecological cleaning and removal of biofilm. By using ultrasound combined with proprietary HS technology, the formation of biofilm is prevented in an ecological friendly manner.

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What is biofilm?

If there is a wet surface, there is a biofilm. This can be in pipelines, drinking lines, tanks and more.


The problem
Biofilm is the cause of many fouling problems. Trapped within the biofilm are micro-organisms which are resistant to standard disinfection processes, because the biofilm actually protects the micro-organisms from being destroyed.

Fouling problems include amongst others:

  • Buildup of scale, rust.
  • Development of bacteria.
  • Clogging of filters, pipelines.

The solution

Conventional methods of microbial control have proven inadequate, so the best way to combat biofilm is preventative. Don’t let the biofilm get started. That is exactly what Harsonic® does. By using ultrasound combined with proprietary HS technology, the formation of biofilm is prevented in ecological friendly manner.

How does Harsonic ® work?

All sound is caused by vibrations; they set up waves which travel through a medium. That medium can be air, but sound actually travels better through fluids and solids. The human ear can detect sound at frequencies of between 20 and 20,000 Hertz, this being the number of vibrations per second. Sound at a frequency above 20 KHz is inaudible to humans and is known as ‘ultrasound’.

The transducer is th­e main part of the ultrasound machine. The transducer makes the sound waves and receives the echoes. It is, so to speak, the mouth and ears of the ultrasound machine. The transducer generates and receives sound waves using a principle called the piezoelectric (pressure electricity) effect. In the transducer, there are one or more quartz crystals called piezoelectric crystals. When an electric current is applied to these crystals, they change shape rapidly. The rapid shape changes, or vibrations, of the crystals produce sound waves that travel outward. Conversely, when sound or pressure waves hit the crystals, they emit electrical currents. Therefore, the same crystals can be used to send and receive sound waves.

The frequency of emitted sound waves determines how deep the sound waves penetrate. Every organism has a certain frequency of its own. Water borne micro-organisms and bacteria attach and multiply creating bio-film layer ‘slime’. Algae cells also attach in the same way. The bio-film provides a suitable surface to attach on.

Thanks to Harsonic® , there will no longer be a bio-film. As a result growth is prevented as the cell structures of the algae and micro-organisms are targeted and cannot survive. Ultrasound is completely harmless. Because it does not use radiation, the side effects of radiation are not an issue. Ultrasound is used every day for monitoring pregnant women and their unborn children.

Harsonic For Livestock


Harsonic is the only sustainable way to prevent bacterial propagation in livestock drinking lines.

Animals drink more water than they consume food. Nevertheless little action is undertaken to guarantee good quality water is provided to livestock. Biofilm formations in the water networks are the ideal place for bacterial propagation. Timely chemical cleaning at moments where these waterlines are out of use is the common way of dealing with the problem. However, the most nasty bacteria hide themselves in micro cracks or under oxidized biofilm which formed during the chemical cleaning process.

The affordable ultrasound solution from Harsonic avoids the bio-film formation which is the most effective way to keep your waterlines clean.

Benefits of Harsonic for Livestock

  • Saves time and money.
  • Better water quality.
  • No biofilm = less deposit.
  • Better flow.
  • Less animal illness.
  • Less chemicals.
  • Less antibiotics.

Harsonic can guarantee you a constant water supply and tremendous savings on cleaning chemicals and better performance of your livestock.

Harsonic For Water Wells

Stop mineral deposits in water wells.

HARSONIC is the only sustainable way to prevent bacterial induced iron fouling and scaling in boreholes and water supply systems.

Harsonic Before And After

Groundwater often contains Iron, Manganese and Calcium. Bacterial activity will contribute to the formations of Iron, Manganese and Calcium deposits. These deposits can damage pumps and reduce their pumping efficiency and can block pipelines connected to the wells.

By destruction of the biofilm matrix in which bacteria propagate, the patented Harsonic device, with permanent ultrasound treatment, can reduce or even eradicate bacterial developments in wells. This will reduce deposits that build up and avoids blockages in wells, pipes and pumps and any other water related equipment. Developed to achieve maximum flow capacity, Harsonic also improves water supply quality and extends the working life of pumps.

Benefits of Harsonic for Water Wells

  • Better water quality.
  • No biofilm = less deposit.
  • Reduced power consumption due to more open boreholes and pumps working at optimum set points.
  • Better flow.

Harsonic For Industrial Applications

Four different solutions for cooling towers, pipelines, tanks and heat exchangers.

  • Highly effective against fouling (algae, grasses, barnacles,mussels).
  • Avoids biofilm in fuel- & water tanks (also diesel bacteria).
  • Saves fuel.
  • Increases speed.
  • Saves annual expenses of antifouling.
  • No more laborious maintenance.
  • Environmentally safe & friendly.
  • The lowest power consumption (6W) with the biggest range (40m2 / transducer).

Pollutants in water

Water that is circulated even in tap water, often contains salts (such as chlorine, sulphates and carbonates), dissolved gases (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide) and metal ions (such as iron and manganese ions). The presence of these pollutants can cause a series of problems. The main problems that are caused are fouling, limestone formation, corrosion and biological growth.


Bacteria and other pathogenic mircro-organisms are present everywhere in the environment. They can often be found in cooling tower water. When cooling towers contain an open recirculation system, micro-organisms can spread from air to water. Micro-organisms can rapidly multiply when a substrate is present and a number of conditions are ideal for microbial growth. Examples of these factors are pH, temperature, oxygen concentration and nutrients. The nutrient content in water increases because of water evaporation. Process leaks and water use can also cause the nutrient content in the water to increase. Higher nutrient content can cause problems.

Bio film

When significant microbial growth takes place, a slime layer is formed. This slime layer contains both organic and inorganic matter. Some micro-organisms excrete polymers, which can form a gel-like network around cells after hydrolysis takes place. This is called a biofilm. As a result of biofilm formation, microorganisms can attach themselves to surface layers. This biofilm layer allows micro-organisms to no longer be flushed away . Biofilms protect micro-organisms from toxic disinfectants. Water disinfection will be much more difficult when a biofilm is present. Biofilm partly consists of microbiological cells and other components. Biofilm, which is very sticky, also contains organic and inorganic matter that is present in the water and is absorbed by the film. This matter contains chemical precipitation, organic flakes and dead cell mass.


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